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Six reasons why you should ban phones and social media from your wedding

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Today's 'normal' people can hardly stay five minutes without glancing at their gadgets.

From work to social media, phones and tablets are slowly becoming part of who we are and have even replaced face to face communication.

While this has gradually become accepted in the society, there are several reasons as to why guests you invite to your wedding should unplug and stay away from their gadgets. Such reasons include;

Gadgets steal the attention from you   

Not to be mean but weddings are all about you and probably your groom. When your invited guests bring their gadgets to your wedding, it means most of the time will be passed on those gadgets than on you.

Most of your guests will hardly notice the colour of your shoes or the kind of vows you exchange with your partner as all their attention will be given to their screens.

Your photos will be all over the place

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One thing about phones and tablets is that they turn everyone into a photographer. Your guests will take pictures of you on your big day and share them in all manner of places before even the wedding is halfway.

Some of this pictures will flow to social media platforms where you have no control over who sees them or not.

There is no social touch

A wedding is a social event where your guests mingle and interact to make a more colourful event.

When your guests, however, choose to all remain glued to their screens, there is less interaction and this gives your big day a cold feeling where people have no idea who they are seated next to or who is related to you in what way.

Hinders the professional photographer

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Among the things you budgeted for while planning for this huge day is a professional photographer who is to capture your golden moments for future reference.

However, with so many people crowding to take your pictures, each for their own use, your hired picture person might fail to get clear shots as intended which means you will probably not get good photos of your big day.  

Your guests miss out your big moment

Before technology and its many gadgets, people invited to weddings followed every detail and celebrated your big moments with you without standing in your way.

Today, once you let your guests in with their gadgets, they'll ignore the entire event until when it comes to your huge moment like cake cutting, exchange of vows or kissing your partner.

At this point, they'll all flash out their gadgets and click away instead of just taking time to savour the moment with you.

It takes much of your valuable time

It is time-consuming when you have to keep posing for a picture here or a  Snapchat video there, as each and every of your invited guest scrambles to get something to share on their social media accounts or with friends.

It takes even longer when your Master of Ceremony has to keep repeating things to people who aren't paying attention since they are engrossed on their screens.

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