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These are the intimate positions men need to avoid

A team of researchers have established the two most dangerous sexual positions for men - yes, this is actually somebody's job.

How did they do their working? Well, it wasn't about having a lot of wild sex, but rather studying 90 patients with penile fractures. Even though your penis has no bones, if you've got an erection you can actually 'break' it by tearing the tissue if it's hit with blunt force, e.g. hitting a woman's pelvic bone while having vigorous sex.

If you do fracture your penis - which can even be done while masturbating - you'll "usually know immediately", according to Mens Health.

"One of the most telling symptoms is a cracking or popping sound - that’s actually the tissue tearing. "You’ll also probably lose your erection right away, similar to what happens if you stick a pin in a blown-up balloon. Then comes swelling, black-and-blue bruising, and, of course, pain. Lots and lots of pain."

With that in mind, you probably want to know which positions to steer clear of - or at least be aware of when you should be taking extra care to avoid that 'blunt force' we mentioned earlier.

And even though missionary is regarded as the least exotic and adventurous of all the positions, it came out as SECOND most dangerous. So don't get complacent.

'Doggy style' took the top spot and cowgirl came in third - because the penis is more likely to be bent too much at an angle in these two positions.

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