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Perfect slimming drinks for that perfect body

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An energy boosting drink is great to make your day powerful because mornings can be tough.

Just as some of us see fitness as difficult to achieve, those with a higher metabolic rate will maintain the weight for years.

Naturally people ask what secret slender people are using to keep them slim and fit. Clearly, there’s no secret that they are hiding. It is simply getting disciplined in the kind of diet you consume every single minute.

Let’s leave that coffee pot and carry along this drinks to boost our mornings which will help us look slim and beautiful.

1. Lemon water

This actually is the cheapest drink anyone can afford. Lemons contain antioxidants which improves your complexion.

They allow one look and feel reawakened without the caffeine crash.

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Lemons also contain pectin that helps to keep you full throughout the day.

The lemon water flushes out toxins which cleanses the liver and carries polyphenols that prevent diet induced weight gain.

2. Amla, Aloe Vera and Wheatgrass Juice

This is perfect for metabolism and detoxing.

According to Dr. Gargi Sharma, a leading Delhi-based weight management and wellness expert, a mix of amla, aloe vera and wheat grass is excellent for metabolism and detoxing and you can have it every day.

You can also have these juices separately in case you don't want to combine all of them.

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You should drink it on an empty stomach to strengthen your immunity and rock –solid metabolism.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar with Water

Shilpa Arora says this mixture contains potassium which helps in retaining water that cleanses the body off toxic sludge.

It should be taken on an empty stomach for digestion and increased metabolism.

This is a potassium rich drink that will also aid in water retention and cleansing your body of toxic sludge," Shilpa Arora.

4. Green tea

Tea is a good energizer as it slowly releases caffeine to the body than coffee and allows good relaxation.

Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps you to relax.

It has also been proved to prevent cancer and boost metabolism.

It also flushes out excess water weight as it is diuretic.

According to research, drinking 3-5 cups a day burns 35 to 43% fats.

5. Coconut Water

This keeps the body hydrated and boosts metabolism.

Shilpa Arora, a renowned Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach, says it comes laced with electrolytes and minerals in perfect synergy with the human body.

It is rich in minerals, therefore, a great alternative to sugary drinks.


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