Lillian Muli reveals real reason why she will not open social media accounts nor reveal the face of her baby - Evewoman


Lilian Muli explains why she will not reveal her baby’s face nor open social media accounts for her

Citizen TV beauty Lilian Muli, has revealed that she is not going to open any social media account nor show off the face of her baby on social media as is the norm with many celebrities. Lilian who is very open about her pregnancy and even runs a show on Viusasa #PregnantwithLilian, is expecting her second baby.

It is in one of her episodes on Viusasa that the sassy TV girl said she wouldn’t be revealing the face of her newborn.

“I will not reveal the baby’s face. In as much as many people have been supportive and happy for me, there are those that have said the most heartless things, and it shocks me that people can be so openly vicious and unkind. When baby is bigger, yes, I might. There will be no social media accounts for my baby as well”.

Lilian went ahead and said she is doing all this to protect her baby from online trolls.

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