Evewoman : 10 health and beauty benefits of oats


10 health and beauty benefits of oats

  • This whole-grain food known scientifically as Avena sativa has become very popular and is known for its high fiber and healthy cholesterol-lowering properties.
  • Having oats in your breakfast is one of the healthiest ways you can possibly start your day. While they are generally disliked by children, this shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are an adult.

You can incorporate oats in your diet in various ways from eating them with fruits and nuts to having them in baked cookies, bread and cakes. The most common way however is to take them as cereal with sugar and milk.

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Whichever way you may decide to take them, here are 10 health and beauty benefits of oats that will make you appreciate it more.

  1. Improves and prevents against heart disease

Oats contain a phytochemical known as plant lignan. Once in our intestines, plant lignans are usually converted into mammalian lignans with one known as enterolactone. This is what then becomes a protective shield against heart disease. Taking oats daily is likely decrease your risk of heart failure by 29%.

  1. Treats oily scalp

This is not a widely known tip but can come in handy in case of a hair emergency. If you have excessive oil on your scalp and happen to be in a hurry, sprinkle some powdered oats on your scalp. They will absorb all the excess oil. Do not make a habit out of it however, as the oats can clog your follicles.

  1. Helps regulate blood pressure

According to a research conducted by the University of Minnesota Medical School, people who had high blood pressure and took oats everyday got to reduce their blood pressure medication in 6 weeks’ time. Those who stopped taking oats everyday however had to go back to their initial blood pressure medication.

  1. Helps prevent breast cancer

The plant lignant found in oats is usually converted enterolactone. This enterolactones protects your heart but also helps protect you from breast cancer. This is however dependent on your antibodies and the strength of your intestines to convert the plant lignant.

  1. Strengthens your immune system

Oats contain an element known as beta-glucan which oversees your defending immune cells. Beta-glucan is responsible for pushing neutrophils in your body to the infected area and kill any harmful bacteria present. It also helps the immune cells to quickly find the source of the infection and makes the microbial cleaning and healing process more effective.

  1. Stabilizes blood sugar level

According to research, if you suffer from type 2 diabetes and takes oats for breakfast every day, your blood pressure will be lower as opposed to if you do not. This is because of beta-glucan, the element found in oats. It is also proven that starting your day of with oats will ensure you have a stable blood pressure level throughout the day.

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  1. Treatment for rash and itch

If you are suffering from itchiness, eczema, allergy, rash or other conditions, simply take some oats, add to your bath water and soak in the warm bath. This will help relieve inflammation and itchiness because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in oatmeal. Alternatively, you can grind the oats to a fine powder, add warm water to make a paste and apply on your skin.

  1. Helps clear acne

Oats also make a great scrub for acne. To make this scrub, mix some hot water and oats in equal parts. Add two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and two tablespoons of pure rose water. Mix them up to form a smooth paste and use this to scrub the affected skin. You can leave it on for about 10 minutes. The oats will exfoliate your skin as well as absorb any excessive oil on the skin.

  1. Prevents dry skin

There are various ways you can use oats as a moisturizer at home. The first would be to soak the oats in your warm bath water and soak your body in it. You can also use some warm water and ground oats to make a paste that you can apply on your body. Add some yoghurt or tomatoes to this for the best moisturizing results.

  1. Solution for cracked heels

Oats are a great solution for cracked heels because they contain both moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is make a foot soak using oatmeal and Epsom salt. Alternatively, you can take powdered oatmeal and mix with coconut oil or aloe gel. Apply the paste to your cracked heels daily. Make sure to leave it on for 25-30 minutes before you rinse it off.

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