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Five reasons you should not buy cheap roadside earphones


It is so tempting to get a pair of earphones in the streets with their aesthetic appeal and what’s even better is the price. It is so cheap you could buy two for the sake of it. What matters is, they work properly and you reason there is no need to invest in a costly pair. Truth is, though costly, good quality earphones last longer, offer better sound and do more to protect your hearing.

Before you grab a pair to match with your next outfit, here are five reasons why you should skip buying cheap earphones.

Sound distortion

According to volume audiologists, sound should not go above 55 to 65 dBHL (decibels hearing level) to protect your hearing. That said, your headphone volume shouldn’t get louder than 80 decibels. However due to sound distortions found in the roadside earphones, you are likely to raise the volume way above the recommended level. This will result in damaging your hearing and the louder the sound the quicker you lose your hearing.

Bad fit

Most street earphones have an awkward fit. You are either forced to push them in, hold with your hands or balance them in a weird position so you can hear. This is because the manufacturers cut corners to keep them cheap. The bad fit will automatically force you to put maximum volume so you can hear resulting in damage in the long run.

No noise cancelling feature

Despite how loud the volume is, you still manage to hear what is happening in your surroundings. This is because these earphones do not cancel excessive noise which gives you a better and safer hearing experience. With such head phones it is advisable they should only be used without distractions which could lead to great risk of accidents say when walking on the road or operating a machine.

Can cause vertigo

Considering how they are made and their bad fit, the likelihood of cranking up the volume to maximum is high. This exposure to loud music can cause pressure in the ear leading to vertigo or dizziness.

Unequal sound amplification

Most if not all roadside earphones do not amplify sound equally over a range of pitch and volume. This can cause sudden spikes in the two leading to hearing damage.

To combat hearing loss risks from cheap earphones, it is a smart idea to invest in quality, turn down the volume or invest in a limiter which lets you lower the maximum volume level of your player so you can't accidentally boost it too high.

Also keep in mind that WHO recommends listening to mobile devices for a maximum of one hour per day with the volume set at around 60 decibels.

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