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Egg and carrot fried rice

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Happy Ramadhan!

During this holy month, I like to create recipes at home that are a bit different and fun.

In this recipe, you learn how to incorporate an egg in your meal, giving it a flavour that is just unbelievable. Try it out and let me know.

Egg and carrot fried rice

3 hard boiled eggs
2 carrots grated
500g Kenyan pishori rice
1 sweet green pepper cut into cubes
1 tbspn garlic ginger paste
1 tbspn tomato paste
1 raw egg
1 tbspn turmeric
4 whole green chili
Salt to taste

In a hot non-stick pan over medium heat, add in the oil and  garlic ginger paste and sauté. Add the raw egg and mix well until the egg is scrambled and becomes fragrant with the garlic ginger paste.

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Add in the grated carrots, mix well until combined then add in the sweet pepper, turmeric and tomato paste. Give it a good mix then add in the rice, continue to stir until flavours coat the rice well. Add in 1 litre of water, add in some salt to taste and the whole green chili.

Bring to a boil once the liquid has almost evaporated. Add in the peeled hard boiled eggs. Cover with a tight lid, reduce heat and let it steam until all the water has evaporated. Fluff up the rice and serve it as a meal on its own with the eggs on the side.

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