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10 ways to fail a job interview: From limp handshakes to fashionable suits


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What can make you fail in a job interview
What can make you fail in a job interview

1. A limp handshake - First impressions count more than many professionals think.

A weak handshake is one of the most common interview issues, with many candidates giving off the impression that they’re fragile and unconfident based on their handshake.

2. Chewing gum - Old habits seem to die hard. A surprising number of job applicants chew gum during their interviews, including many experienced professionals, lowering their chances of being accepted for their dream job.

3. Ignoring the dress code - Flat shoes, extremely tall heels, false eyelashes and unusual attire send the wrong impression during job interviews. As well as unprofessional clothing, outdated or overly trendy clothing can affect your first impression and ruin an interview.

4. Work history issues - Employers are understanding of work history gaps, particularly with the ‘nancial crisis fresh in people’s minds. However, some jobseekers make comments about their work history that make them seem like less desirable employees.

5. Poor presentation - It’s not just clothing that affects presentation - posture, grooming and behaviour all have an impact. A surprisingly large number of job applicants send a bad impression to their interviewers by making mistakes like sitting with their bags on their laps.

6. CV spelling mistakes - Nothing ruins a professional CV like a spelling error. Spelling and grammar mistakes are often all it takes to get your CV tossed to the bottom of the pile, even if the rest of its content shows that you’re well suited to the job.

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7. Answering the phone - It might seem like obvious smartphone etiquette to switch your phone off before an interview, but many people still forget to. Letting your phone ring in an interview - particularly if you stop to answer it - is one of the most serious interview mistakes.

8. Poor body language - Posture and body language have a huge impact on the way interviewers view your skills, confidence and competence. Slumped shoulders and excessive fidgeting are considered two of the biggest body language-related interview faux pas.

9. Unusual comments - Unusual, unnecessary comments - such as comments about a reception area being very busy or quiet - can change an interviewer’s perception of you. A surprisingly large number of jobseekers fail the interview this way before it even begins.

10. Rude behaviour - Rude, noisy or arrogant behaviour is another cause of many interviews going wrong before they even start. Along with any of the problems listed above, a bad attitude is often all it takes to change a possible “yes” into a definite “no”.


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