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Women reveal their 10 reasons for turning down marriage proposals


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Why women turn down proposals
Why women turn down proposals

Getting married is a big step, so it's only natural to feel hesitant - and even a bit sweaty - when you're proposing.

A survey has found that 59% of men feel nervous at the prospect of proposing to their partner, with 15% admitting that the thought made them break out in a cold sweat.

And who could blame them, when nearly 1 in 4 women has rejected AT LEAST one proposal in her lifetime.

The study, commissioned by travel firm SuperBreak, revealed that 37% of women have received at least two proposals in their lifetime, with 12% being asked for their hand in marriage three times.

Even more surprising, one in 20 had heard the words "will you marry me?" four times or more.

Why didn't they accept?

Almost one third (29%) of women would turn down their partner just on the basis of the proposal itself being poor. So, if you're planning on proposing this Valentine's Day , you'd better make it a good one.

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Top 10 reasons for turning down a marriage proposal

1. I wasn't certain they were the one

2. It just didn't feel right

3. I don't/didn't want to get married

4. It didn't feel like they meant it

5. I didn't think we'd been in a relationship long enough

6. We'd already split up and they were trying to win me back

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7. I was worried about what other people would think

8. I didn't think we could afford it

9. I thought it was a joke

10. I didn't think my partner was taking it seriously enough

What DO women want?

While the majority of women are romantics, with 52% wanting the traditional 'down on one knee' proposal, 20% would like an 'all-singing, all-dancing' proposal.

Another 15% would prefer a proposal which is slightly more unusual and unique to them.

Where are the most popular places to propose?

The study found the most romantic destinations for proposing to a partner are Paris, Venice and Rome.

For those looking to propose closer to home; the Lake District was deemed most popular, with Scottish locations also being rated highly.

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