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Perfectionism is actually a mental health disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental condition characterised by unreasonable thoughts and fears.
By Rosa Agutu Jan. 11, 2022
Mental illnesses interfere with people’s ability to complete a physical job. The World Health Organisation estimates one in 10 people suffers from a mental disorder.
By Valentine Zablon Apr. 8, 2022
Entertainers are increasingly speaking out about their addiction to drugs and the worrying state of mental health in the industry.
By Tamara Patience Apr. 14, 2022
Kimani Mbugua's struggle with psychosis and mental illness is one that tore him down. In its destructive path, it robbed him of his promising media career and watered down his budding stardom.
By Kirsten Kanja May. 21, 2022
The aim of the study was to identify the welfare challenges the commercial captive predator industry in South Africa faces on a day-to-day basis.
By Mactilda Mbenywe May. 22, 2022
Alone and abused, Mugure, now 25, battled bipolar disorder, an illness characterised by alternating periods of elation and depression for more than 10 years.
By Valentine Zablon May. 29, 2022
Children need a healthy home environment filled with positive values. They also need caregivers who nurture their physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being.
By Angellah Owino Jun. 5, 2022
Health experts have warned that a majority of politicians are likely to suffer from election stress disorder, as we approach the general election. 
By Mercy Kahenda Jun. 14, 2022
Once you are ready to have the conversation avoid fishing. Do not ask them leading questions to hear their opinion because this may end up badly. Be direct and honest about your mental health.
By Ochieng Oyugi Aug. 13, 2022
Climate change has left a trail of destruction, displacing wildlife, killing domestic animals, destroying crops and causing adverse human injuries.
By Mactilda Mbenywe
11mos ago
We each have an imposter. How the imposter comes about depends on the growth of our negative views about ourselves.
By Rubie Miseda
11mos ago
Some doctors had to act strong when Covid-19 struck and claimed colleagues’ lives. Others sought professional counselling to stay alive.
By Rose Mukonyo
11mos ago