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Planting 15 Billion trees: Kenya's path to climate resilience

As Kenya embarks on the ambitious goal, it is crucial to comprehend trees’ profound role in mitigating climate change. Let us delve into the science of it.
By Eric Kasina Oct. 2, 2023
At the heart of Kenya’s healthcare delivery system, the establishment of Primary Care Networks, (PCNs) marks a monumental shift in our approach to healthcare
By Mary Muthoni Muriuki Oct. 1, 2023
Heart and blood vessel diseases, usually referred to as cardiovascular disease, remain the leading causes of death and disability and are a major contributor to health expenditure.
By Dr Robert Mathenge Sep. 29, 2023
It is essential to acknowledge that various socioeconomic factors impact one’s health, including access to safe drinking water, ample supply of safe food, proper nutrition, suitable housing
By Demas Kiprono Sep. 29, 2023
We need to be intentional about freeing women from the frustration they experience when they walk into healthcare facilities and encounter barriers to accessing contraception.
By Esther Aoko Sep. 26, 2023
In the face of a changing climate and growing environmental concerns, renewable energy sources have taken centre stage in the global fight against climate change.
By Rosaline Miano Sep. 25, 2023
The consequences of these allegations could be catastrophic to the Kenyan healthcare system and could affect the upcoming September 30 reauthorisation of Sh50 billion HIV-AIDS funding
By Alan Maleche Sep. 25, 2023
The complexity of prostate cancer has made it a formidable challenge for healthcare professionals, even though early detection and treatment hold the promise of better survival rates.
By Annepeace Alwala Sep. 24, 2023
Despite the major advancements in HIV management, the global burden of HIV remains high with women continuing to bear the brunt of the epidemic.
By Ritah Anindo Obonyo Sep. 21, 2023
The potential consequences of these allegations could be catastrophic to the healthcare system affecting the upcoming Sept 30 reauthorisation of Sh50bn HIV/Aids funding for 2024.
By Allan Maleche Sep. 20, 2023
Having an ambulance service within reach means that emergency medical personnel can arrive at the scene of an emergency quickly.
By Susan Ng’ong’a Sep. 17, 2023
The recent Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi served as a stark reminder of the critical need for improved air quality governance by drawing attention to the complex challenges.
By Joanes Atela Sep. 17, 2023