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Are you due for a life audit?

 Are you due for a life audit? (Photo: iStock)

Imagine your life as a manuscript, brimming with chapters. Some passages flow effortlessly, while others might feel clunky, repetitive or downright draining.

If you are at that point of seeking a sense of calm, purpose and overall well-being, you are ready for a real-life do-over. The good news? Just like a manuscript, your life can be edited. Well, some part of it.

It all begins with introspection. What habits, relationships or environments leave you feeling depleted? Conversely, what sparks joy, ignites your passions and fosters growth? Journaling, meditation, or seeking professional guidance can illuminate these “highlight” and “edit” sections of your life story.

If you have been feeling particularly tired, work on your rest time. Sleep is the foundation of wellbeing so edit your sleep environment by creating a cool, dark and quiet haven. Establish a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends, and avoid screens before bed.

Remember, prioritising sleep is not just about quantity; quality sleep impacts everything from mood to cognitive function, fueling your days and nights. How is your gym membership going?

Physical activity is not just about aesthetics or short-lived resolutions but is a potent mood booster. Find activities you enjoy, be it dancing, swimming or brisk walks in nature. Nourishing your body with whole, unprocessed foods fuels your energy levels and mental clarity.

Think of it as editing your “fuel source” for optimal performance. Rarely do we talk about the negative impact our homes have on us. Physical clutter breeds mental clutter. Dedicate time to decluttering your living space by discarding items that no longer serve you.

This act of letting go extends to digital clutter too. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails unfollow accounts that don’t serve your purpose and organise your digital files. A decluttered environment fosters a calmer, more focused mind, creating space for new possibilities.

Speaking of purpose, it fuels motivation and meaning. Volunteer, pursue a hobby or simply help a deserving relative. Connecting with something larger than yourself creates a sense of fulfilment and belonging, enriching your life narrative.

Lastly, embrace “no” as a powerful tool. We often overcommit leaving ourselves feeling drained and resentful. Learn the power of saying “no” to requests that do not align with your values or deplete your energy.

You do not have to honour every invitation or request. Protect your time and emotional bandwidth. Remember, a well-edited life requires boundaries.

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