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How you can make this valentine’s day memorable for you and bae

 Make Valentine's special with these ideas (Photo: Courtesy)

The most exciting parts about February is definitely valentine’s day. It is one of the first major holidays of the year and couples all around the world are excited about how they will spend it with their favorite person.

While it’s true that not everyone is a fan of the holiday, you can still choose to make it special and memorable for once.

It’s great to keep the love alive in your relationship by joining other couples in celebrating so, maybe this time round you can turn a boring valentines into a memorable one.

These five simple ideas should get you started:

Choose to celebrate this year

Although valentine’s day isn’t a major holiday like Christmas or Easter, it’s still worth celebrating. Remember that not everyone has a bae to enjoy their day with so if you’re lucky enough to be with someone who appreciates you, celebrate them.

If you’ve never thought of acknowledging the holiday, try something new this year and surprise your significant other. This will actually help to tighten the bond you have together.

 Dress up and show up for your date like you mean it (Photo: Courtesy)
Do something unique

There are so many suggestions on what you can do during this season of love. The most common are going on a dinner date or staying at home and watching movies like any other day.

There might also be a lot of pressure to go all out and do something extravagant but that doesn’t have to be your valentine’s experience.

You can both choose to spend the day doing something you’ve always loved to do for years, as a way of remembering what made you fall for each other. That is one way you can make it a more special holiday for you as a couple.

Prioritize each other

Valentine’s day isn’t one of those days where you can expect some time off from work and other responsibilities. Life still has to go on but I’m sure you can spare some time later in the day or night to fully give your relationship the pampering it needs.

The best way to make sure things go according to plan is organizing yourself early enough.

Even if you don’t manage to clear up your schedule on the 14th, you can still try and pick another day when you are both available and have some extra time together.

 Who said romance has to cost money? (Photo: Courtesy)
Create a romantic ambience at home

There are many ways you can enhance the romance in your relationship like giving each other gifts and spending quality time together.

Still, the great thing is that you can always find different ways to help you connect like creating that romantic mood.

Do something extra like lighting candles or enjoying a bubble bath for two with a glass of your favorite wine and some chocolates.

Dress up

To be honest, it’s hard to always look amazing every day for your bae. You might as well make the most out of this valentine’s day by making sure you look bomb for each other.

Toss out those free promotion t-shirts and baggy sweats for something more romantic and make sure you’re not spending the day with month old cornrows. Please!

Put in the effort to look cute for each other considering this chance doesn’t always present itself.

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