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Why you need to include fibre in your diet

Healthy Eating
 Fibre can be either soluble or insoluble (Photo: Shutterstock)

Fibre is an essential item for your body since it helps improve digestion. 

Fibre can be either soluble or insoluble. Soluble fibre looks like gel. It sucks in water. It is critical for helping balance out cholesterol levels in the body. Insoluble fibre is most essential when it comes to preventing constipation. This is done best since it will add bulk to your stool without getting in any water.

Better cardiovascular health

Fibre is praised for its ability to keep one off the bad cholesterol. As such, when your consume it over time, you're less likely to have cholesterol accumulating around your heart, such that your cardiovascular system will have a clean bill of health.

Keeping diabetes at bay

Fibre can help slow down the body’s absorption of sugar. This helps to prevent blood sugar spikes after meals. As you know, diabetes is where the body has a hard time working with insulin which is often on the low.

Better gut health for you

Consuming fibre daily will help reduce chances of constipation. Eating sufficient amounts of fibre will help the stool in getting bulky. This ensures that the bowel movements you have are many and that you will pass stool well. According to Medical News Today, diverticular disease, hemorrhoids and colorecral ulcers tend to be kept away throughout a life of good amounts of fibre intake.

Weight management 

Having a diet rich in fibre will ensure that you end up with manageable weight. With no excess fat found in foods rich in fibre, nor carbs, you're likely to keep lean and neat. With more fibre intake, you're most likely to feel full longer. All this will give you the power to say no to additional meals or say yes to cravings that are unnecessary. 

Soluble fibre is found in oats, nuts, beans and vegetables while insoluble ones refer to examples like fruits, whole grains or seeds.

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