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Seven natural ways to manage menopause when you’re working

 A to-do list will keep you on top of your tasks and reduce chances of forgetting (Photo: Shutterstock)

Once you reach your 40’s, menopausal symptoms start kicking in. The symptoms are the same even for women dealing with premature menopause in their 20’s or 30’s. It’s a lot easier dealing with menopause when you’re not working but when you have a full time schedule of things to do and deadlines to meet at work, it gets tough.

This is what you can do to make things easier if you’re at the menopausal stage and feel like you’re about to lose it. 

Schedule time for workouts

The hormonal changes often come with weight gain. This can make it harder to lose weight because your metabolism slows down. You might have a very busy schedule but you can always make time to do a few workouts. If you can squeeze in some time to hit the gym after work, well and good. If you don’t have an hour it’s okay too because even five minutes or ten minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Calcium and vitamin D diets 

Weakened bones is also another common symptom of menopause. You can take some supplements or decide to handle things with a new diet. Add dairy products and nutritional foods like fatty fish to strengthen your bones and walk outside to get some vitamin D during your work breaks.

Breathing exercises

Hot flashes can strike at any time. You might even be in a meeting when you feel a sudden rise in temperature. What you can do is excuse yourself and go take deep breaths for a few minutes. Some studies have shown that women who regularly do deep breathing exercises experience fewer flashes. This is also a great technique to deal with the anxiety. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point, all you need to do is practice this type of controlled breathing even at your desk.

 A regular work out will help you manage any weight gain (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sleep at the right time

Try and get everything done on time so that you can have more hours left for sleep. Sleep will reduce stress levels and prevent fatigue. If you’re used to scrolling your phone before bed, cut that out. Adopt relaxation techniques that you can do to manage insomnia.

Drink enough water 

Dry skin and hair are also symptoms you might be dealing with. Your skin becomes less elastic because of low collagen levels and you hair can become brittle and weak as well because of the hormonal change. As you go to work, you’re prone to experience confidence issues when you notice these changes in your appearance. You can’t fully control the hormonal change, but you can drink enough water to improve your skin and hair.

Eliminate trigger foods

Your diet will also have to change. This is for the sake of preventing hot flashes and to maintain a healthy weight as well. Be careful of what you choose to eat if you have a work cafeteria and don’t be afraid to find out if there are non-spicy options. And if you’re having office parties where alcohol is provided, avoid drinking at all costs. It’s better to go home early to prepare for the next day. 

Always create a to do list

Make a habit of writing your daily tasks. Forgetfulness is a common symptom of menopause and that can unfortunately land you in trouble if you forget to do something you were required to do at work. As soon as you’re given tasks or assignments, write them down. This technique can also help you at home when you need to organize your day.

The good news is that these menopausal symptoms don’t last forever. You’ll have to be strong for a while and be confident that you’re able to balance your work life while dealing with menopause.

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