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Set up a coffee station at home

 Set up a coffee station at home (Photo: iStock)

Ah..., the aroma and that first sip of coffee in the morning! It is the fuel that jumpstarts our day, the warm hug that chases away the dreariness.

Who says enjoying a barista-worthy experience has to involve breaking the bank or left to your favourite cafe? Creating a stylish and functional coffee station at home does not require a hefty investment.

If you are a coffee lover here is how to brew happiness and caffeine on a budget.

Choose the equipment

The heart of your coffee station is the brewing method. For budget-conscious coffee lovers, the trusted French press is a champion. Easy to use and incredibly affordable, it allows you to experiment with different grinds and brewing times to discover your perfect cup. For those who crave a quicker fix, a pour-over dripper offers a more hands-on brewing experience without the costly price tag of an automatic machine.

Factor in price

Here is where the fun begins! Thrift shops, flea markets and online marketplaces are treasure troves waiting to be unearthed. An old glass canister with a vintage charm can become your go-to bean holder. A mismatched mug with a quirky quote can be used as your cup of inspiration. Don’t be afraid of a little wear and tear as long as the imperfections aren’t major. The goal is to buy affordable stuff.


Think outside the box or should we say mug? Repurpose an old wooden crate into a rustic shelf for your coffee essentials. A vintage picture frame can be transformed into a charming chalkboard to display your daily roast or inspirational coffee quote. Embrace DIY projects! Paint a thrifted tray to add a pop of colour or use mason jars to store coffee filters, sugar and creamer.

Add some life

Plants not only liven up any space, but they also act as natural air purifiers, perfect for combating any lingering coffee grounds aromas. A small succulent in a recycled mug or a trailing philodendron cascading from a shelf adds a touch of greenery and freshness to your coffee station.


Good lighting elevates any space. Although this is not necessary, it does not hurt to elevate that spot with a small table lamp that has a warm bulb to create a soft and cosy atmosphere. String lights draped around a shelf or hung on the wall create a magical ambience, perfect for those early morning coffee rituals.

Finishing touches

Freshly roasted coffee beans displayed in a clear container add a touch of visual appeal and fill the air with an enticing aroma. A small framed coffee print or a vintage coffee sack hung on the wall further emphasises your love for the bean.

Remember, your coffee station is a reflection of your personality. Do not be afraid to experiment, personalise and add little touches that bring you joy. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your favourite mug and get ready to brew happiness on a budget!

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