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Kitchen gadget: Microwave steamer

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Steaming food is the best method of preserving nutrients and vitamins. Cooking food in water robs them of nutrients and flavour, while frying adds fats.

Minerals and vitamins differ in basic ways. Minerals are inorganic -- they hold on to their chemical structure and vitamins are organic -- broken down by acid, heat or air.

Both are considered micronutrients. The easiest way to steam food is with a steamer. There are many types in the market, my all-time favourite is the microwave steamer.

It is simple, fast and easy to use and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It comes in three parts; base for holding liquid, the sieve/basket which holds the food to be steamed and the top to cover.

Microwave steamers can be used to steam vegetables, poultry, fish, some kinds of seafood and beef. When steaming beef, remember bigger and thicker pieces can take a long time to cook.

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