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5 types of women Christian men should not marry

Girl Talk

For Christian men, marriage is revered and cannot be taken lightly because it is God ordained. While dating, some things may be overlooked and that could be a recipe for a breakup in the end. As a Christian, love cannot be blind but pursued wisely. It is beyond physical and straight to the spiritual phrase where God has put together no man should put asunder. Despite the fact that no one is perfect, God has that special person for you hence the importance to spot red flags early on before jumping into marriage. Here are five women Christian men should never marry.

The non-believer

This is one of the most important hurdles Christians have to face while dating. Controversial as it may sound, biblical teachings strongly forbids being unequally yoked with unbelievers. Never assume your partner will change or turn around later because it may or may not happen. You can have different personalities but what matters is sharing the same spiritual beliefs. Marriage is not easy and compounded with other life challenges it can be daunting.

The contentious woman

It’s important to see how your partner handles issues especially under pressure. If she can’t control her temper chances are she won’t control them when you decide to settle down. It is better to live in a corner of the roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman the Bible states.

The diva

No relationship or marriage can work when one person is all about me, me, me. That is selfish!No matter how attractive she may be, living with a narcissist is next to impossible. It may look cute but with time her selfish tendencies and demands will drive a wedge between the two of you.

The gold digger

Money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. If she has proven to be a big spender even when you try to regulate and caution her, this will be a serious issue in future. If you have the money there is a likelihood she is into your money more than she is into you.

The seducer

Marriage is not a cure for sexual depravities. If she’s the charming, sexy and aggressive type of woman who goes after men, this may be difficult to break especially if she always uses her looks to get what she wants. Your relationship should be built with God as the center and this means building on character and love. If she demands for sex before marriage, flee.


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