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Five foods that are good for hyperactive kids

 Children who have ADHD have difficulty concentrating, impulsive behavior and poor organizational skills (Photo: Shutterstock)

Hyperactivity in kids is often a sign of ADHD (Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder). Although many are generally active, some might not be aware of the condition.

The difference between general hyperactivity and ADHD depends on whether there are other symptoms like difficulty concentrating, impulsive behavior and poor organizational skills.

Living with ADHD can cause problems because it’s hard to keep up with school or make friends, you’re unable to have proper emotional control which makes you have impulsive tendencies and you’re more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

This condition is not a life sentence though. There are many ways to manage hyperactivity including making dietary changes.

Certain foods can trigger the symptoms while others help to manage them. Hyperactive children should avoid or at least limit processed foods like fast foods and unhealthy snacks. They have no nutritional value and they also have triggering additives in them.

On the flip side, the healthy foods give them the vitamins and minerals they need, which helps them stay calm. Here’s what you need to incorporate into their diet to help with this condition. 


There is a link between proteins and neurological functioning. Proteins usually promote proper development in kids which reduces the risk of disorders. Adding enough proteins to your child’s diet will ease the hyperactivity. Some of the good sources of proteins are fish, nuts, chicken, eggs and oats. Start the day with protein filled breakfast to give a healthy boost.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Children who have enough omega 3 in their diet show signs of improvement. A deficiency can cause a negative change in the symptoms. The two specific acids that show significant improvement are the docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids. A good source of these fatty acids is fatty fish like salmon and marcel. Breastfeeding is also a preventative measure because the milk contains essential nutrients including fatty acids that prevent developmental problems in children.

 Reduce the amount of sugars by sweetening natural yoghurt with fruit (Photo: Shutterstock)

Complex carbs

Our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly. It’s what gives us energy to carry out day to day activities. It’s not just any type of carbs though. We don’t need simple carbohydrates that come from unhealthy foods which have been refined. The good carbs are the complex ones from whole foods like whole bread. They help to control blood sugar levels which is an important part of dealing with hyperactivity.

Foods rich in vitamin B6

Low vitamin B levels have contributed to fatigue, increased aggressiveness, poor concentration and anxiety. Giving them foods such as eggs, vegetables, garlic, bananas, carrots and chicken will reduce feelings of irritability.

Healthy snacks 

Artificial flavoring, processed sugar and preservatives usually don’t do much to help with the hyperactivity. They won’t help your child control their emotions and they’ll only make your kids more hyper. Trade in the unhealthy foods for some that have more benefits for the body. Give them natural yoghurts which you can mix with fresh fruits, fruit and veggie smoothies and whole bread sandwiches. Those small changes will make a huge difference.

It’s okay to let them have some junk food once in a while. The only problem comes in when they’re constantly eating unhealthy foods.

Another way to help them get all the vitamins they need is through supplements. They’re not harmful and they work because they target specific nutritional needs that might be lacking. You should only get the supplements that have been recommended by the doctor first to avoid other complications. Other methods to help hyperactive kids is through exercise. An active lifestyle will use up some of that extra energy they have.

You should also teach them relaxation techniques so that they’ll know what to do in case they ever feel out of control.

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