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Kitchen gadget: Double gauge wok

Woks are originally from China (Photo: Shutterstock)

This bowl-shaped cooking vessel is originally from China. I use my wok almost daily. You might ask why a wok and not a frying pan or cooking pot (sufuria). I don’t have to worry about my food burning while I am cooking because the heat is evenly distributed.  

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You need a double gauge wok which can withstand the high heat needed for stir frying (Photo: Shutterstock)

Avoid buying a non-stick wok. Most non-stick coatings cannot withstand the high heat necessary for stir frying. Double gauge is what to look for. Better still, carbon steel material is the best material. It is inexpensive and durable, and its high responsiveness to heat makes it my number one option. Well cared for, the carbon steel material ends up with a practically non-stick surface. 

Most kitchenware shops sell woks. Also find them on Amazon.com and Aliexpress.com. A good wok costs between Sh1,000 and 6,000 depending on size and quality.

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