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Sex demonstrations at modern bridal showers

Recently, a distressed mother asked me to get details about the goings on in a modern bridal shower. Apparently, her daughter was getting married and instead of the traditional bridal shower involving friends and aunties, she opted for the “trendy” kind.

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 I know what happens in most bridal showers, but this new one blew my mind!  The wedding planner gave me the website and what I saw was shocking!

The three-hour session that discusses sex topics goes for Sh2,000 and the charges can go up to Sh75,000, depending on the client’s needs. 

For those interested in the oriented session where you get to see details, all you need is to put together a group of ten to 50 women. The session includes a male and female in a real live show!

This is what the facilitator says: “During the session, I will extensively talk about the vagina and teach you how to have good sex, how to enjoy the journey rather than waiting for a ‘climax’ that keeps evading you. As a woman, you must be in-touch with your vagina and I will tell you how. My working partner will illustrate how to use your fingers and sex toys, how to explore your vagina and how to stimulate an orgasm. She will also demonstrate how to squirt. Yes, naked.” This package goes for a cool Sh50,000.


Practical demos

“Displaying their skill in various positions, a female and male will provide practical demonstrations. This three-hour session will involve exotic elaborate details on how to find pleasure. How to arouse each other and maximise the fun will also be demonstrated. Those interested in this package will part with Sh75,000,” said the explanation in part.

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Here’s my take on this new bridal showers.

Sex is actually biblical, a gift from God, intended for pleasure and procreation. The Bible says that sex is a way for a husband and wife to express their love for one another.

Yes, ‘husband and wife’.

 God created sex to be a beautiful and enjoyable expression of love, but only between a man and his wife. When one exposes themselves to acts of pornography, it affects them physiologically and has long-term consequences.

The need for sexual exploration, fantasy and pleasure has gone out of hand, with young people practicing all sorts of unconventional ways in search of fleeting pleasure. This is ruining relationships and the opportunity to have a genuine sexual growth based or one’s relationship his or her partner.

Once a young woman is exposed to the levels of sexual imagination that go beyond the normal, it becomes difficult or even impossible for her to find satisfaction and meaningful pleasure from her man. It surprises me the number of men that seek my help because their wives often complain that they do not satisfy them in bed.

Come on Eve Sisters, let’s have a talk about this. 

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Kindly send me your views and we will discuss.

Anonymity is assured and information shared is strictly confidential.

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