Evewoman : Fuel it: Fresh, Canned or Frozen?


Fuel it: Fresh, Canned or Frozen?

People are stocking up their pantries and the question is: fresh, canned or frozen? (Shutterstock)

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With fears hovering around coronavirus, people are beginning to stock up their pantries. The question of which type of produce would be best plays an important part in deciding what to buy.

While fresh produce is optimal if eaten soon after picking, it may take as long as two weeks to end up on your local shelves. Fresh fruit and veg can lose up to 50 per cent of its nutritional content, so buy local and eat right away.

In comparison, frozen produce is generally frozen straight after picking, washing and prepping, locking in the nutrients. It also very rarely has additives like salt or sugar, meaning it has a high nutritional profile without extra additives. Canned produce on the other hand is cheaper and has a longer shelf-life. Look for low sodium or no added sugar options for healthier options.

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