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Ingredient of the week: Butter

Butter has an array of health benefits (Photo: Shutterstock)

Siagi is the Kiswahili name for butter. Spread it on bread and pastries or drop a scoop in your soup to make it creamy. When used in baking or light frying, butter gives food a distinct flavour and a flaky and crusty finish for pastries.

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Butter has an array of health benefits. From strengthening our immune system, protecting vision, and increasing brain function to boosting metabolism and regulating hormones. Compared to margarine butter is a safer ingredient on your menu.

Butter is child-friendly hence a good fat to use when cooking a child’s meals. A little smidge of butter in their food makes a whole world of difference both nutritionally and taste-wise. Butter has a very low smoking point which means, when heating it, you shouldn’t leave it too long over direct heat. Unlike margarine, it burns when heated even for a short time.

Simple homemade butter recipe: Pour heavy cream (also known as double cream) into a food processer, run it until it turns to butter. Salted or unsalted, butter costs anything from Sh300 depending on size and brand.

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