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Signs and facts about constipation

Constipation is a bowel restriction that can make you feel uncomfortable (Shutterstock)

Considering the amount of garbage we put into our bodies in the name of food, many, if not all of us, have had a problem with bowel movement. And trust me, it is no small matter.

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While we may have a rough sketch of what it’s about, there’s still a lot to learn about constipation. To get you up to speed, here are a few signs and facts about it.  

  • So what’s constipation anyway?

Constipation is basically a bowel restriction that can make you feel uncomfortable. It happens when underlying causes restrict the normal digestive and waste elimination process of the body.

Because the stool is hard, it will be difficult for it to pass through (Shutterstock)
  • How do you know you’re constipated?

In real sense, being constipated is anything but discreet so you’ll be able to tell that you need some form of treatment. Here is how to know that you’re constipated:

  1. Hard stool

When you realize you’re spending hours in the toilet with no relief even after pushing and trying every trick in the book to go number two, you probably have hard stool. You’ll know you’re constipated when you realize that your stool is rough and hard. You don’t need to reach out and feel the texture because you’re able to notice a difference from the normal, easy-flowing one that comes out with no stress.

  1. Difficulty passing stool

Because the stool is hard, it will be difficult for it to pass through. This means that you’ll often find yourself straining to have a long call which shouldn’t happen.

Diets that don’t have enough roughage and water predispose you to constipation troubles (Shutterstock)
  1. Not passing stool often

There is no standard time where everyone visits the bathroom for a long call. However, not having bowel movements could be a giveaway sign that something is off. For example, having one bowel movement a week isn’t considered normal. If your body is functioning well as it should be, you should have at least two bowel movements a day to get rid of excess waste from lunch and dinner.

  1. Incomplete evacuation

After emptying your bowel, you’re supposed to feel relief. It’s not considered healthy if you have difficulty removing all the waste.

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  1. Bloating and abdominal discomfort

Constipation comes with restrictions in the organs and this can sometimes lead to pain and discomfort in your lower abdomen. If you notice this, you could be having constipation.

Stress and depression are also a contributing factor to constipation (Shutterstock)

Facts about constipation

  • Anyone can get constipation. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, white or black because it can affect anyone. However, some studies show that constipation cases are more prevalent in black communities, so it’s something that everyone experiences at one point.


  • Diet is a key factor because our bodies react according to what we eat. Certain diets can trigger instances of constipation so it’s always best to ensure that you eat the right foods.


  • Diets that don’t have enough roughage and water predispose you to constipation troubles. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet with the right amount of fibre and roughage can help ease the symptoms of, or prevent constipation.


  • Constipation isn’t only a diet thing. You might be eating right and still end up constipated for other reasons. Things like certain medications are known to trigger constipation. 


  • Stress and depression are also a contributing factor to constipation. These conditions have an effect on your mind and body as well. When you’re under emotional stress, your digestion is affected. Things could slow down and, in turn, lead to constipation.

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