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Meet Nane Annan- The wife Kofi found in an artist, lawyer

Kofi and Nane [Courtesy]

Nane Lagergren Annan married Kofi 34 years ago after they first met in Geneva. Nane was working- in the same office with Kofi- at the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees as a legal officer.

Born in October 1944, Nane is a Swedish lawyer and a maternal half-niece of Raoul Wallenberg, a renowned Swedish humanitarian, diplomat and businessman who helped thousands of Jews escape from the Nazis during the World War II.

Nane the artist

Nane is an artist, taking up painting full-time in 1985. She published a book in 2000, “The United Nations, came along with me” where she used children to make illustrations. As an artist, Nane has taken part in several group exhibitions including UNICEF and UN Children’s Fund.

A lawyer

Nane was born in Stockholm where she grew up and studied law. After working as an assistant judge at the administrative and fiscal court of appeal, she joined the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva in 1981- the year she met Kofi.

Kofi’s wife

Nane and Kofi got married in 1984 after she accompanied Kofi to New York, where they married. They have since lived together. As the wife of the U.N. Secretary General, Nane took part in women’s issues and programs that aimed at alleviating poverty and the welfare of children, refugees and the disabled.

The Annan’s have three children, all from their previous marriages as they don’t have children together. Ama and Kojo from Kofi’s first marriage and Nina from Nane’s previous relationship.

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