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Hair trends: Everything you need to know about the butterfly locs

  Butterfly locs are a messier version of the faux locs hairstyle (Pinterest)

Since the outbreak of the pandemic most ladies have been leaning towards protective hairstyles that are durable as we all strive to abide by the social distancing regulations.

From hair styles like faux locs, to crotchets and wigs, we are all just looking for beautiful styles that can last longer than the usual one month.

Currently, most people are falling for the butterfly locs, and we just can’t get enough of it.

If you have no idea what butterfly locs are, sit tight we’ve got you covered:

What are butterfly locs?

Like the amazing faux locs, butterfly locs are a messier version of the hairstyle only they are cuter and a more refreshing version.

Butterfly locs also known as distressed locs have been trending for a while now and it comes as no surprise as this style is more durable and easy to install.

They are called butterfly locs as the come in a messy finish akin to what the butterfly effect does to situations.

 We are all just looking for beautiful styles that can last longer than the usual 'one month' (Pinterest)

How do you install butterfly locs?

This is the first hairstyle that doesn’t need your hair to be completely free or fresh, butterfly locs can be installed in two ways using the crotchet method.

The first if you have time and need your hair looking fresh and clean, you will first need to braids your hair to make the crocheting process easy and you can braid your hair to the desired length.

Using a crotchet needle loop your wavy hair into the braid then loosely wrap it to give it a distressed or unraveled finish. Any wavy hair like passion twists, fluffy kinky or spring twist will work perfectly for the butterfly locs.

The second method, you can simply wait for your freshly braided hair to stay for up to two or three weeks then install the butterfly locs, using the same method, your hair doesn’t have to be freshly braided.

How long do the locs last?

Depending on how well you maintain your hair, these locs can last for two to three months. The best part about these locs is that like faux locs, the longer they last, the better they look.

Furthermore, butterfly locs are installed using the crotchet method making them painless and tensionless, your hairline will be safe and since it is durable it promotes hair growth and reduces breakage.

Tip: Although this hairstyle may seem cumbersome as it takes 4-7 hours to install, it will surely be worth your while. 

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