Evewoman : Kitchen gadget: Stand-up mixer


Kitchen gadget: Stand-up mixer

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You are pencilling down your festive menu and New Year cake is one of the items on the menu. Now, how about baking one instead of buying it?

A stand up mixer will be a kitchen gadget you will need to mix your batter. It is the perfect accessory -- great for creaming, frosting, kneading, mixing, combining, baking goods, whipping and more.

Easy to use, a mixer comes with mixing bowls (either two or three) which are easy to remove once your done mixing. It has dough hooks, best for kneading, and beaters, best for mixing, whipping and creaming. All parts are detachable. Clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge.

Shop for one on Amazon and other kitchen appliance shops for around Sh12,000.

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