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Kitchen gadget: Over-the-sink dish rack

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Just moved out of home into a lovely small apartment, with little storage and counter space? You are now an independent person with the leeway to organise and arrange your space. The place to start with is the kitchen. With little counter space and storage, an over-the-sink dish rack is the way to go. You save so much space with this.

I was looking for something unique and practical to buy my daughter for her new apartment (she is over the moon about living on her own) when I came across the over-the-sink dish rack. I love how it looks in her kitchen. It saves on a lot of space and makes her kitchen look spiffy and organised.

The rack holds plates, cutlery, a chopping board, chopping knives, dish washing liquid container and sponge. Wash your dishes, place them on the rack, water drips into the sink. No water mess on your kitchen counters.

I like how Kenyans think fast on their feet. I saw similar racks displayed by local carpenters along Ngong Road. Prices ranged from Sh2, 500 to Sh4, 000. They are also sold online by local merchants. I bought my daughter’s rack on Amazon.

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