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Kitchen gadget: Kale and herb razor

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Leafy greens and herbs just became easy to cut and prepare. I was shopping a couple of weeks back when I came across a tool that I had no idea I would come to treasure so much.

I love my vegetables but I do not like the process of preparing them (I bet I am not alone in this) before cooking or making a salad. Now with the kale (Sukuma wiki) and herb stripper, I have been eating more greens then I usually do.

The razor, which is more like a stripper, removes/cuts/strips leafy greens off their stem in a matter of seconds. Separating the leaves from the stem of herbs such as oregano, rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint becomes easy.

This gadget has a stainless steel oval shaped blade with six different-sized holes integrated into the blade to strip herbs.

I found the gadget on Amazon.

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