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The common activities done best on an EMPTY stomach - and having sex is one of them

 There are some perks to being hungry

One hour ago you were a "hangry", anti-social Mr Hyde, snarling and spitting at anyone who spoke to you.

Now, having eaten , you're a charming and friendly Dr Jekyll, beloved by all who know you.

It probably seems as if there are few benefits to having an empty stomach. You feel chilly, tired, sluggish and irritable. Oh, and the "hanger"...

Believe it or not, however, there are some things which are infinitely better to do when running on empty. Here's what's what.

1. Having sex when hungry

Putting one foot in front of the other on an empty stomach can seem like a chore. So it was with some surprise we read that sex on an empty stomach is recommended to the alternative, though it's mainly applicable to men.

 So if a man has eaten a big meal, all that energy and blood is needed by the stomach,

It's because, as CBS report, digestion requires two things: Energy and blood.

So if a man has eaten a big meal, all that energy and blood is needed by the stomach, rather than, ahem, elsewhere.

It is still possible to perform on a full stomach, it's just that extra blood does go a long way.

2. Having a flutter when hungry

This is not an endorsement of heavy gambling. However, if you do enjoy the odd flutter here and there, you might want to reconsider eating beforehand.

The reason? Because, surprisingly, hunger was found to be associated with good decision-making, a recent study from the University of Utrecht found.

Results of the study revealed hungry participants / participants with a much larger appetite saw their choices pay off more than those of the "full" participants.

The hungry gamblers also had a better appreciation of future rewards and were LESS likely to take risks.

But yet, when we go to the supermarket when hungry, we make some very foolish and expensive decisions.

3. Going to sleep when hungry

The old relationship saying goes "never go to sleep on an argument", and now it seems we should never go to sleep on an empty stomach.

According to the Official LA Fitness Blog , going to bed having eaten barely enough is in fact best to manage hunger.

This is because we need hardly any energy to sleep. Huge amounts of food in our stomachs and subsequent calories get stored up as fat, rather than be used as fuel.

It can also cause unpleasant digestive problems.

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