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How sleep deprivation is affecting your health

In these days of side hustles, barely getting enough sleep has become the norm. Doctors typically recommend sleeping for seven to nine hours every night. This, they say, will ensure that you rest enough and that your brain is always functioning at an optimum.

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However, it is concerning that more and more people are reducing their sleeping hours because they either want to dedicate some time to their side hustle or they are worried or anxious. Sleep deprivation has adverse effects on your health. According to online health magazine WebMD, lack of sleep affects more than just your mood. It can affect your memory, sex life, weight and appearance.

Below are ways in which sleep deprivation is negatively affecting your health.

1. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain

A recent study found that sleeping for less than the recommended number of hours increased the chemicals in your body that make you hungry and decreased those that tell your brain that you are full. Thus, a lack of sleep could result in an increased appetite. It can also increase cravings for unhealthy foods that can hamper your weight loss journey.

2. It results in premature aging

As you sleep, the human growth hormone is released and this helps to thicken your skin, strengthen bones and increase muscle mass. A lack of sleep decreases the amount of this hormone that is released. It also results in the release of the stress hormone which destroys the protein that keeps your skin smooth and elastic.

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3. Lack of sleep affects life in the bedroom

Sleep deprivation makes you tired and tense. This combination can affect your drive in the bedroom.

4. It makes you more prone to accidents

When you are sleep deprived, you are less alert making your response time longer. A study found that more and more road accidents and accidents in the workplace are caused by people who don’t sleep enough.

5. It prevents learning, thinking and memory

A lack of sleep affects the functioning of your brain limiting your ability to concentrate, reason, pay attention, stay alert and solve problems. It also affects your memory because it is during deep sleep that your brain “creates” your memories. Thus, if you don’t sleep well or enough, your ability to remember gets hampered.

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