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Five reasons why you should tell your children you love them

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Love is one emotion that brings out a wide array of reactions. It invokes joy or sorrow depending on your experiences.

Ultimately, love changes everything, according to Becoming Minimalist. It brings out the softest side of the toughest person. It can even make people change who they are to become someone new.

That’s why it’s important to tell your children you love them. Just the knowledge that their parent cares for them deeply will have a positive impact on their lives.

Below are five reasons why you should always tell your children you love them.

1. It gives them a sense of self

Telling your children you love them assures them that they are valuable even though they are not perfect. When you tell them you love them for no reason at all, they learn that you should love for who they are.

They also learn that they don’t need to do anything to gain your love.  

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Children also become more assured of themselves, believing in their capabilities and knowing that their shortcomings don’t define them. This will go a long way in determining how they allow people to treat them when they grow up.

Children will know they are always welcome to share their life experiences with them

2. It makes it easier to correct them

Correcting anybody is hard and it can sometimes be taken in a negative light. However, once your children know you love them, they will realise that your correction is also done out of love and a desire to see them improve.

Children will also know that even when you catch them in wrongdoing, you will forgive them. In this sense, even when they make a mistake, they will not be afraid of telling you.

3. It gives them joy

Everybody likes to know that they are loved at whatever age. Telling your children you love them will put a smile on their faces and give them a sense of worth.

Knowing you love them gives your child a sense of security

4. It assures them that they are always welcome

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There’s no greater feeling than knowing that you can go to the ones you love no matter what. Children who know they are loved will always come back to you even when they travel to the farthest corners of the world. They will knock on your door even when they know they have gone astray for years because they are assured that in you they have comfort and support.

5. It teaches them selfless

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Because of your love for your children, you will go to extra lengths to provide a good life for them. Your children see your selflessness. They see how you deny yourself a new pair of shoes so that they can enjoy an afternoon out. This will be a lesson in selflessness. They will also learn how to give themselves for the one they love.

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