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Four doable healthy eating resolutions for 2019

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The beginning of each year is marked by numerous resolutions. In order to stick to them throughout the year, try setting yourself a few realistic health resolutions.

  1. Drink three extra glasses of water a day

Adding a glass of water at breakfast, lunch and dinner improves your hydration levels, rejuvenates your skin, and improves alertness.

  1. Eat some fruit or veg with each meal

Eating fruit and veg provides you with more vitamins and minerals, increases your fiber intake and reduces risk of some diseases.

  1. Go meat-free once a week

Eating a plant based diet regularly can help you control your weight, lower your risk of heart disease and save you money!

  1. Cut down your sugar by reducing your intake to one teaspoon per serving

This will stabilize your energy levels, improve your oral health and help control your weight.


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