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Here are healthy habits that you need to do before bedtime


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Healthy habits should not end when you get home after a long tiresome day or over the weekend when you’re allowed to have a cheat day. It should be a part of you. Mastering good habits will put you in a constant mode of self-improvement, always looking for new ways to feel even better.

Maintaining healthy habits any time of the day is a good idea but certain ones did before bed goes a long way. This is because they help to enhance the restorative rituals your body checks off while you sleep.

Here are super-easy ways to score even more health perks from the habits you already have on lockdown.

  • Exercise

A little work out before bedtime or any time during the day has been linked to better sleep. Having a stretch routine before hitting the hay will ensure you wake up less stiff since you’ll have prepped your muscles and tendons for regeneration while you sleep. Taking a 20-minute walk as you breathe deeply will help your cells stock up on the oxygen they need to accomplish all of their restorative handiwork while you snooze.

  • Washing your face

Sleeping with makeup and a dirty face is a bad idea that will lead to bacterial buildup, breakouts and premature signs of aging. Cleansing every night is crucial for your skin because it takes this time to rejuvenate and heal itself as you snooze.

  • Mouthwash

While brushing your teeth before bedtime is a good idea, don’t stop there. Swishing some mouthwash before bedtime will ensure your mouth has an extra layer of protection during the saliva drought when you sleep. The antiseptic rinses help get rid of bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. Do note not to use a minty mouthwash that may make it harder to doze off. Go fruity or unflavored.

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  • Apply antiperspirant

For your video to work best without any interference, applying it before bed will give the antiperspirant the chance to go into full-on protection. With the entire night to sink into your pores, it will help control sweating more effectively because your physical activity and the sweating that follows is at a minimum when you sleep.

  • Yogurt

Taking some good bacteria before bed can help your immune system function optimally throughout the night, which is when it’s at its busiest. When buying one always check for those with ‘live active cultures.’ Research suggests that drowning in yogurt and other protein-rich foods before bed can also help your muscles repair and grow.

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