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Learn ladies: What your man's celebrity crush tells you about him


I am crazily in love with Kelly Rowland. If the world was fair, Kelly would be my wife. In fact, if she told me to quit my job and become her unpaid manservant, I will do so like last year.

Kelly, other than being incredibly beautiful in my eyes, has this this girlish charm about her that drive me nuts. Full disclosure: Her 2011 hit ‘Lay It On Me’ with Big Sean has 31,111,111 views presently. 16,450,801 views are mine. The kind of beauty, raw sexual oomph she oozed was just too much. I know a dozen men who can walk on broken glass bare feet just to shake her hand. To me, Beyoncé is just too overrated. Kelly is the real deal.

Every man has his celebrity crush. To some it is Mya. To some it is Alicia Keys. Others, it is Toni Braxton. By and large, your celeb crush is the most ideal woman you would have asked God to give you. Sadly, the world is full of average people, and those are the ones we end up with. Thankfully, we were given imagination to always fantasize about sleeping with our crushes without their knowledge.

And there is something a man’s celebrity crush will tell you about him. If he likes ratchety celebrities, even in real life he will probably pick the girl who breaks her back dancing to Jamaican music. And when it comes to women, tastes are as varied as the shades of all colours in existence.

Some like them plump, some slender, some light skinned, some dark skinned, some chocolaty et cetera. Some men can be turned on by minor details like her angular nose or how she turns her heads when she is smiling and other idiosyncrasies that even science cannot explain.

I think women need to ask their men who their celebrity crush is. A celebrity crush can be a good forecast on the physical traits he cherishes the most. If he goes for a celebrity gifted with a heavy bottom, that will be his standard preferences. If he goes for the huge breasts, then you know how he likes his women.

Some will go for curves, some for facial beauty, some for height, name it. A crush is the best clue if he is really into you or one day he might pull off a Houdini on you. Rarely do men deviate from women of their preferred taste.

Secondly, if the man is going to cheat, he will go for a woman with similar features. Trust you me, men always gravitate towards women who meet a certain criteria. That is why even when he ogles at the girl across the room during a party, you need not worry if she does not meet his taste. Sometimes we just ogling, wondering how cans a lady be so tacky?

The personality of their crush also tells so much about the temperament he prefers in his women. Some women are bitchier than others. And some men like drama queens, for they bring life into a relationship. Some men like women who are chilled. And various celebrities have various personalities.

So if he likes a drama queen, you will do well to spice up his life with a little drama from time to time. If he likes them quiet and reserved like Alicia Keys, learn something from Alicia too.

And this is not by any means definitive, just helpful pointers into understanding your man’s psyche.


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