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Practical ideas for kids during August holidays

Schools have closed for the August holidays. School fills in a huge void for most parents so when they are closed, their children are left exposed to all manner of social ills. School keeps children positively engaged and when they are on recess, parents have to come up with creative ways to fill that void.

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Keeping an active primary school child engaged during the holidays can be a challenge. I have struggled with keeping Tasha busy on many holidays. While her programme comprises watching cartoons, playstation and snacking, I would have wished that she focuses on more creative things like doing her holiday homework and reading her story books.

Last holiday, we had a real struggle with her, but this August I'm more at peace because I have creative plans for her. A friend told me about a stimulating church-driven programme that targets kids from age five to 16 years. My friend's daughter who is eight years old, attended the programme last April and if she is a testimony of what the project can do, I am game. Let's call her Stacy. Stacy is as rowdy and jumpy as  Tasha, and left with the house girl alone, she can be a little cunning rascal in an angel's skin.

But since Stacy went for the programme, she is a new creature. The little girl is more focused and should I say purpose-driven. Here's the programmes transformative strategy. It happens at centres hosted within the particular church and starts at 9am. First, the kids have a few minutes session of meditation then the programme kicks off. To avoid boring the minors with a class-based curriculum akin to the school one, most activities are outdoor and the focus is more of life skills with a twist of fun.

The trainers identify the kids' special talents and group them accordingly. Stacy loves instruments and this landed her in such a group. To hone that skill, such kids spend their time in music labs. Here, it is everything music. They live and breathe music. From morning to evening, the kids are exposed to the world of music. The trainers instil solid values in these children that will help them achieve their goals. After the four-week programme, Stacy appreciates the importance of values like hard work, humility, honesty, kindness and being time-conscious.

After the rigorous training, the children leave with the minds of young adults with purpose and focus. I think all parents need to enrol their kids in such programmes instead of leaving them to waste away in the house.



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