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Ingredient of the week: Spring onions

 Freshly cut spring onions contain approximately 89 per cent water (Image: Shutterstock)

When you talk spring onions, all you can imagine is the fresh, grassy or minty flavour they add to your meals.

Although spring onions are quite popular, a lot of people know very little about them and prefer using white and red onions.

However, unlike red and white onions that taste much better after cooking, spring onions can actually work both ways due to their mild taste.

 They elevate the taste of most meaty dishes with their grassy flavour (Image: Shutterstock) 

Spring Onions are vegetables that originate from various species in the genus Allium family and they are closely related to garlic, shallot and chive.

Also some people like to refer to spring onions as scallions or green onions but they are not necessarily the same.

Although all three may be young onions that are not given a chance to swell, spring onions are much older than scallions and green onions.

 Spring onions were definitely made for stir fries (Image: Shutterstock)

Why you should love spring onions

As established before, unlike white and red onions, spring onions have a less pungent smell and bitter taste, making them perfect for garnishing meals.

Did you know that freshly cut ones contain approximately 89% water, traces of fiber and some amounts proteins and fat?

Furthermore, spring onions are rich in antioxidants, folate and vitamin K and C, talk about a nutrient rich vegetable, you have one right here.

 Spring onions will make your plain meals taste much fresher and better (Image: Shutterstock)

How to cook with spring onions

Due to their strong grassy flavour, spring onions are perfect for stir fries as they will elevate the flavours in your noodles and rice fries.

 And because of their mild tastes, they will also work perfectly for your salads, remember fresh ones will help with hydration.

They are also perfect for egg dishes and stews and they are unlikely to mar any of your recipes.

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