Ministry of Education

  • Sh20 billion mega education project for quality in schools

    20 hours ago
    Government to spend Sh20 billion on equipment and teachers in select learning institutions next year
  • How varsity positions are killing research

    1 week ago
    It was in Arusha, Tanzania. The affable Nigerian scholar, Dr Cyril Obi, a man who has made a successful career at running international research centres focused on Africa, warned us, “Do not allow yourselves to be appointed departmental heads or chairs of departments.” He looked down at his coffee mug, lifted it up to his mouth, and just before he took the final swig, looked up again and with a tone of finality, announced, “If you do, you risk being appointed to academic oblivion.” The year was 2014. It was barely 11 months after I had completed my doctorate studies. In my mind, I had all these lofty ideas about developing and sustaining a research profile. I also had plans to turn my doctorate into a book and proceed onto a fresh search for a new research project on local media history. I am convinced the area is in desperate need of research.
  • Why the State is as guilty as arsonists burning our schools

    1 week ago
    The Ministry of Education, boards of governors and parents and teachers associations cannot escape blame for failure to provide safer school environment for the children.
  • School safety standards recommended by Education Ministry

    2 weeks ago
    The fire that killed eight students at Moi Girls School in Nairobi once again turns the spotlight on schools' safety precautions.
  • Why education reforms must begin, end with talent creation

    2 months ago
    The future of the workplace is with free agents; schools must therefore focus on promoting multi-career learning.