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Chinese clinical researcher launches HIV immune booster in Kenya

Health & Science

A Chinese medical practitioner and clinical researcher at has developed a herbal drug he claims boosts immunity against HIV/AIDS and a number of other ailments.

Shengxun, who is a professor emeritus at Henan University of Traditional Chinese medicine is introducing the Tian Immunity Booster (TIB) into the Kenyan market after successful 20 years of clinical trials in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

The don who also runs clinics in Nairobi and Zambia says the TIB is manufactured through modern technology as proper compounds extracted from more than 30 different pure herbs. 

“The TIB therapy has multiple and powerful antibiotic functions and can handle most of opportunistic infections linked to lower immunity or HIV/AIDS,” he explains.

He further claims that tests done so far have confirmed TIB as a herbal anti-viral drug, with the function to stop HIV viral multiplication, such as through blocking fusion taking place between HIV/AIDS virus and immune T-cell (the CD4 cell). Scientifically, the best strategy against HIV is to prevent or stop infecting a healthy immune cell in the very early stage (at the very beginning of viral infection).

“Most patients who have taken TIB responded very fast and recover soon after the TIB therapy,” he says.  

The drug is combined with conventional standard Anti-TB drugs, with majority of TB patients (sputum test) turning to negative within three months of treatment, the scientist adds.

“There are four different sugar-coated TIB tablets, with active ingredients extracted from 100% pure Chinese herbs. Unlike the conventional ARVs, TIB products are fusion inhibitor killing HIV virus in the beginning of infection,” adds Prof Shengxun. “The TIB blocks fusion taking place between HIV and CD4 cell, therefore stopping HIV from infecting CD4 cell. HIV will rapture (die) within 72 hours if HIV cannot access CD4 cells.”

TIB is an effective and non-toxic immune booster, critical to building and restoring immune function of patients living with HIV/AIDS.

The studies show patients on TIB recorded increasing levels of CD4 cell counts, particularly CD8 cell count, which is the most important marker of immune function and immunity levels.

“All of our patients who were on TB treatment recorded faster recovery from the time they started taking TIB medicine. It is a fact that TB is one of the leading causes of mortality among people living with HIV/AIDS. A remedy that hastens progress in recovery from this leading cause of mortality is a welcome product,” says WOFAK Chairperson Dorothy Onyango.

Shengxun has been treating HIV Aids in sub-Saharan Africa, the epicenter of the epidemic for the last 25 years.

“TIB products have been applied in TB clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital and the clinical results are very promising. The patients recorded improved health conditions while coughing, fever and chest pain disappeared,” he explains.

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