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Sasha Kenya: All was going well, then my marriage fell apart

Special Reports
 Gospel artiste Sasha Kenya (Photo: Courtesy)

When Sasha Kenya got married, she thought it was the culmination of her dreams. Little did she know it would be over within a year of her husband joining her in the US.

Sasha is a gospel artiste, having recently released the songs Mfalme wa Amani and One Miracle with Justina Syokau. She is also a nurse and an entrepreneur - making and selling baby cream to individuals and small businesses. She relocated to the US in 2009.

Sasha had been dating her childhood sweetheart, when she got a Green Card in 2012, they married. He joined her in 2015.

“He did not hit me, but he would get very angry over small things. It scared me and I thought he would hit me next. I supported him financially until he got a job. When he got the job, he lived only two months with me. In the third month, he went to Las Vegas for a whole week with another woman. When he returned, he moved out, and a year later, filed for divorce,” she says.

She is a happy and a content single mother of a two-year-old.

“I am peaceful and that is why I sang that song, Mfalme wa Amani. Because even after all the ups and downs, there is still this peace that God has brought into my life I really thank him for.”

On whether she is open to love again, she says that while she is open to the idea of love, she is not looking for it. “I am not desperate; I am not wishing or hoping. It is fine if God brings someone and we can vibe and love and support each other truly, but other than that, I’m cool,” she says.

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