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Why men prefer dating petite women

 Celebrity couples with a big height difference (Photo: Courtesy)

Who we choose to date has always been a subjective process. Sometimes you can’t explain why you are more drawn to one person as compared to the other or maybe you’re aware that you do have a specific ‘type’.

These days, there are more conversations on dating preferences and one topic that constantly comes up is why men choose to be with ladies who have a petite frame.

Of course, the definition of a petite lady varies from person to person but for the longest time, we tend to see a man who is big in stature, coupling up with a lady who is smaller than him.

Why is that so?

Well, let us have a look at what some of these men who prefer dating these types of women have to say about this touchy subject:

Natural attraction

No one can dictate who you should be attracted to and who you should date or marry. Ultimately, you decide who you are more drawn to and that’s just how we are naturally.

According to a number of men, petite ladies look healthier and it’s a sign that they know how to keep their bodies healthy. Although smaller ladies can still be unhealthy, it still communicates that you put in a lot of effort to taking care of your body.

The thought of that draws in more attention and it sparks natural attraction from the guys.

 Petite women are more feminine and less intimidating in a relationship (Photo: Courtesy)
It triggers a protective instinct

Men and women are not the same. That’s a fact.

We think differently, we process emotions differently and science always proves that we are physically different.

For a man, there is a certain joy that comes with knowing you are capable of protecting your woman and that’s one of the reasons why more men are drawn to women with a dainty frame.

Women also like to feel protected

Time and time again, you will notice that women generally choose men who are taller and bigger than them because it makes them feel safe.

Statistically, it’s only a small percentage of men who date or marry bigger girls and that means many guys currently still settle on women who they feel comfortable with size wise.

That said, it is safe to come to the conclusion that petite women are a perfect match for men who are short or tall.

 A taller man will automatically feel like protection when he is around you (Photo: Courtesy)
Petite women are a symbol of femininity

Being small and dainty is interpreted by men as a sign of femininity. This also plays into the concept of men having that protective instinct because a dainty woman comes off as being more fragile.

A masculine man will want to express his strength and be his woman’s hero and that is why petite women are still the top pics for men universally.

They are less intimidating

For a man, it’s sometimes hard to approach a woman. This is even tougher if the lady is taller or bigger in size because it’s rare to find a woman who would date a man significantly smaller than her.

There is a risk of facing heartbreaking rejection and it might also be a little uncomfortable for him. For that reason, it’s generally easier for a man to gather the confidence to approach a petite lady who is more likely to say yes.

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