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He doesn’t spend money on me, does he love me?


Dear Roxanne, I have been seeing my boyfriend for a few weeks now.  I am concerned that he doesn’t spend as much money on me when it comes to dates and gifts like he did with hisex girlfriend.

He is a well-to-do guy with a decent job and can definitely afford a few luxuries. He doesn’t spend any money on me, yet he goes on and on about all the extravagant things he did for his ex girlfriend.

It makes me feel like I am not good enough for him. It is starting to really bug me but I don’t know how to talk to him about it without coming across like I am only interested in his money. I want him to take care of me like he did his ex. I really love him and want things to work out between us.

Please advise.


Dear Eunice, You need to stop comparing your relationship with your boyfriend with his previous one. If he spends all his free time with you and is always in constant communication with you, then you have a good man by your side.

Would you prefer it if he bought you everything you wanted but never spent any time with you? You have only been dating a few weeks and that is a very short time to expect him to move heaven and earth for you. Maybe he had dated his previous girlfriend a bit longer and that is why he spent more on her because he had already invested a lot in the relationship.

Another reason why he may not be willing to spend a lot of his money on you is because he realised his mistakes in his past relationships.

Maybe he felt that his ex was only in it for the money and he is now being a little cautious.

In any case, you have got his love, his time and his affection. The rest will come with time.

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