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Revealed: Why men date but never marry stunningly beautiful women

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As a woman, it’s a ‘curse’ to be devastatingly beautiful. Well, it may seem a ‘blessing’ initially because you’ll hog men’s attention — but, obviously, for the wrong reasons. Most men see such women — especially if they lack charming personalities — as being only useful as ‘good time girls’. Not as wives. Yes, men ‘worship’ them. But never marry them. For instance, when such types crack boring jokes — those that you have to tickle yourself to giggle when told by Plain Janes — men still laugh heartily.

From having to contend with hate from fellow females who are not as cute as them... to fighting against insecure men, drop-dead gorgeous women seem to have all the odds stacked against them. Most men generally fear them. The only men who have guts — courtesy of experience from multiple rejections — to hit on them are the ‘players’. Unfortunately, they only ‘use and dump’ them.

This pattern repeats itself several times, and these women start believing all men are like that — woo women with ‘hit and run’ prospects on their minds. Of course, these ‘hot’ women get fed up of waiting for ‘Mr Right’ and try chasing men. Sadly, this always backfires — big time — because men are put off by women who make the first move or appear too eager for a relationship — more so if they are beautiful. In such a case, the first thing that comes to a man’s mind is, “she has a disease she wants to spread”.

Again, these stunningly beautiful women tend to bare it all at a go — so to speak. I mean, most are good from far. But upon closer scrutiny, they are actually far from good. In most cases, their ‘stunner’ effect doesn’t seem to last long. Their beauty sort of puts them on a very high pedestal, exposing them to tight scrutiny in search of flaws. Interestingly, save for thrill-seeking ‘hyenas’, the average man doesn’t buy into the hype of their beauty. These women’s Achilles heel is that they throw their weight around, assuming beauty compensates for their shortcomings — like horrible culinary skills.

Men find such types only good as mistresses. Reason? Bedding them offers validation of sorts, and it’s also the equivalent of playing at the World Cup, or so to speak. When vetted for ‘wife material’ qualities, most cute women fail miserably. These women instill a sense of insecurity in men, which turn them into ‘guard dogs’. Considering the high frequency with which randy men hit on them, their chances of succumbing to temptations and straying tend to be high.

Again, most of these women have this hidden ‘high maintenance’ cost, which, in most cases, doesn’t measure up when scrutinised in a cost-benefit analysis. They like expensive gifts, out-of-town dates, dinners, and holidays but in return offer bad sex, most are horrible cooks, boring and never ready to give birth to more than one child — for fear of losing their hour-glass figures. Put differently, they are rip offs. Painful but true.

Thus, when it comes to hunting for a wife, men always exploit the hidden potential of the so-called Plain Janes. Plain Janes are used to being looked down upon, getting bypassed and getting less attention. Thus, unlike their beautiful counterparts who have big egos that require constant massaging, they not only remain humble, but build solid and refreshing personalities. They have compensated for their perceived average looks by developing ‘talents’ men find valuable like being great conversationalists, outstanding cooks and make an effort to entertain between the sheets. Ever wondered why in most cases, girlfriends and mistresses tend to be stunningly beautiful than wives. My unsolicited advice to all drop-dead gorgeous women is, work on your personalities.

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