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Redefining our happiness through lasting memories

 Redefining life's happiness through memories (Photo: iStock)

While most living things will be comfortable having a full stomach and a safe lair to lie, the human has realized that he cannot be content with such trivial basics.

Being able to afford a meal and a roof over your head is considered so primary that it would be ridiculous for someone living in such a status to be considered happy.

We, therefore, redefine happiness and link it with the ability to make lasting memories. We misconstrue happiness to mean trips to Maldives and memorable moments with friends in Diani. While all these may give us happiness, true happiness is anchored on sustainability.

When our backs are supple at the peak of our lives, and we can make that extra coin, we focus on the immediate gratification of our desires. In this age, we largely use the social media status of our friends to make lifetime decisions by competing to match the glossy life they portray in their timelines.

We spend a good chunk of our savings on lavish lifestyles and parties; we frequently look for reasons to throw some merry into the mix. Our life motto then is YOLO, and we think very little of the future. We discover too late, when age has caught up with us and finances have declined, that memories form such a small fraction of happiness.

Having recently broken into the threshold of sobriety, I have realized that happier folks can put a meal on their tables regularly. It does not matter now that they visited Dubai, took home a six-figure salary 30 years ago, and bore weighty titles at work. Happiness, as I have come to realize, is sustainability.

I say this because more men live in regret in their sunset years than women. It should be known by now that a man's worth is defined by his ability to provide for himself, his family and the community.

They sink into depression because they cannot deliver in bed where manliness matters and realise that women do not encourage carnal services from a man who only has memories to talk about and has no food.

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