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Annoying habits of Kenyan citizens

 Kenyan Flag

Many major towns in the country with all their glory and despite their near perfect projection of normalcy and civility have lots of annoying people.

As the saying goes, any market place worth its name and its place in history and folklore must have a mad man of no mean repute. If you are the kind person who drives on the road so recklessly that Ongata Rongai matatu drivers are always left with their mouths agape, you qualify to compete for honours of the top mad man in Nairobi.

There are these drivers who will cut in in front of you on the highway with complete disregard of your car’s braking systems or your blood pressure. If you attempt to make any sort of protestations however limp, you are met by a barrage of insults or lewd finger symbols. These kinds of fellows are legally mad. If you have the audacity to dangerously cut in front of another motorist, forcing him or her to brake or even break, trust me you are a maniac that belongs in hell.

If you work in a big company and you are the front operations officer (some people call them secretaries) and you spend your waking time denying people access to your boss, trust me you will have a special place in hell. How does one feel when you go home after a hard day’s work of telling lies to desperate people keen to get to your boss and have their problems or any pending issues sorted? A friend of mine tells me that he once visited an office seeking to speak to his former classmate who was now a big shot in a blue chip company. The treatment he was accorded by the secretary haunts him to date. He says when he arrived after waiting for a considerable time at the waiting lounge, to be welcomed; he walked into the reception and found two women having fruit salad. He went on a charm offensive but, the women; unperturbed continued to munch on their fruits. The one who was most sympathetic to him just peered to him over her wide spectacles and asked him if he had an appointment. He said he hadn’t but the MD was his friend and former classmate.

Disinterested officers

He was told that class reunions are not part of their work. He walked out. Such people will go straight to hell and will not be too far off from the furnace and keeps the fire going in there. Then there are those girls who operate in various mobile money transfer outlets. They are usually a very disinterested lot when dealing with customers. You would think they are working against their will, or there is some invisible gunman holding a gun to their heads.

I mean why would you take business to someone and she speaks to you gazing into the distant horizon as if she is conversing with the spirits of past relatives? To make it worse, some of these girls have some of the worst make up I have seen. They will draw their eyeliners from the centre of the forehead all the almost to their ears. Who would do that in their clear mind? They too will have coffee with the fire master in the afterlife.



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