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How to get rid of boils at home

 Although boils aren’t usually serious, they can slow down your day especially if they are painful [Courtesy]

Boils can be very uncomfortable and annoying when they form on your skin. Although they aren’t usually serious, they can slow down your day especially if they are painful.

It is common for boils to occur on different parts of the body but they tend to show up in moist places like the face, armpits and buttocks. They can be as small as a grain of rice and grow as large as a billiard ball depending on the severity.

Generally, boils come as a result of an infection in the hair follicles and they can take weeks to heal. You can seek medical treatment methods but home remedies can work well too.

This is how you can eliminate boils naturally.

Keep the area clean

Proper hygiene is key when you are getting rid of the boils. The bacteria can spread easily so one of the best ways to prevent that from happening is washing the area with antibacterial soap every day.

Continue this even after the boil has released its pus. While it is in the process of healing after draining, you should cover the area with a clean bandage or gauze and keep it dry.

You should also ensure that you are showering every day and maintaining good hygiene practices.

Apply neem oil daily

Neem oil is a popular natural remedy for so many conditions. It can help to treat different skin conditions including boils.

The antibacterial properties in neem oil will greatly accelerate the healing process. You can use it two or three times a day by first ensuring that the area is clean then applying the oil using a clean cotton ball.

If you are worried that your skin might react, do a patch test first.

Use a sitz bath

A sitz bath is a good method of quickening the healing process in sensitive areas like the pubic and buttock area.

This will increase blood flow to the boil, which triggers your body to fight the infection faster.

Simply fill the bowl with warm water and sit in it for 10 minutes twice or thrice a day.

Use castor oil on the boil

Castor oil doesn’t just come with beauty benefits. It carries some amazing medicinal properties and can come in handy when you are trying to get rid of boils.

Applying a few drops on the boil will help to kill the bad bacteria while reducing the swelling.

Apply the oil using clean cotton balls a few times a day and remember to always wash your hands and clean the area before applying oil.

Use a warm compress

This is another way you can accelerate the process without using any harsh chemicals on the area.

A warm compress will increase blood blow and activate your body to send white blood cells faster to eliminate the boil quickly.

Prepare one by washing your hands then dip a clean, small towel in some warm water. Wring the towel, then place it on the boil for 10 minutes and repeat this three or four times a day.



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