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5 surprising reasons why you can’t poop


We always talk about urine, kidneys, livers, constipation and the likes but we forget about our poop. Poop is disgusting but it’s important to know if it’s healthy. There are times that an individual can fail to poop and it’s sad not many of us talk about it when they are experiencing it. According to the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 80% of us don’t poop, oops! But do not stress, we are here to tell why you cannot.They include:

You could be pregnant- women experience constipation in their pregnancy during the early stages. It varies though, some deal with it for a period while others during the whole pregnancy journey. This is because of changes in hormones and diet, plus stress' effect on the enteric system can come into play. If you are pregnant and feeling some blockage, observe your eating pattern or what you consume. Avoiding foods that could bring about constipation through your pregnancy. See a doctor when it comes to worst.

You are dehydrated- this is why our mothers always sang to us, drink water! Drink water! It helps flush toxins, transports nutrients, controls body temperature and provides moisture to membranes. You lose water every minute through sweat, breathing and waste removal, so you need to refill the water supply to maintain body functioning. If you are not drinking water, do not expect your poop to pop but to be stored in your body and later have constipation.

You are not eating enough fiber- those affected by constipation can testify that their doctors have told them they are consuming low fiber and they need to increase it in their diet.

You are inactive- did you know sitting and doing nothing could make you constipated? When you are moving around, your colon also moves which helps in the formation of the poop. Go for a walk, move around when working or take a break.

You are holding in your poop!- there are moments when you feel the poop coming around but at the wrong place and time. Some of us always hold it in which causes muscle confusions that lead to constipation and bloating. Don’t be shy to use the public ‘kanjo’ toilet, pay that Ksh.10/= and poop it all out. It’s better and you will be comfortable.

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