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The best foods to help you beat the cold season

 With this cold weather you will need all the best foods to help you cope (Image: Shutterstock)

Its undoubtedly the coldest the city has ever been and we all look like zombies walking to work with coffee mugs clutched to our hands.

Not only is this weather demanding us to dress like Eskimos but we have also been forced to switch up the meals we are used to having during the day.

With the cold not subsiding any time soon and your coffee routine getting monotonous, here is a list of other foods you can have to help you beat the cold:

 Red meat takes longer to digest meaning it will likely keep your body heated for longer (Image: Shutterstock)
Red meat

Whether you prefer beef, goat meat or lamb red meat is amazing for this cold season. Red meat contains a lot of iron that will help transport oxygen throughout your body, this way you don’t easily get fatigued.

Also red meat takes much longer to digest meaning you will stay satiated for much longer and your body can also reap this warmth in the process.

 Sweet potatoes keep you satiated for much longer than most foods (Image: Shutterstock)
Sweet potatoes

Like red meat, sweet potatoes also take much longer to get digested meaning more time for your body to stay warm.

Did I also mention how nutritious sweet potatoes are? They are rich in various nutrients including but not limited to vitamin C, A and potassium.

 Porridge is an amazing stimulant for sleep and for the obvious warmth (Image: Shutterstock)

Like any other cold weather food, you cannot go wrong with some porridge. This is after a nutrient packed meal that doesn’t take up much of your time to prepare but will keep you warm for long.

Also if you are looking for a simple meal to help you fall right to sleep then porridge will do the trick for you all while keeping your digestive tract smooth.  

 Soups are much easier to prepare especially when you just want to stay snuggled up in bed (Image: Shutterstock)

Whether you go for tomato soup, butternut, pumpkin soup or any other easy soup recipe, soups are amazing when it comes to beating the cold weather.

They may take hours to prepare but it will be worth your wait. Soups are nutrient packed and will definitely keep you satiated and warm for much longer than your usual tea or coffee.

 Ginger tea is a natural diaphoretic that will increase warmth and promote sweat (Image: Shutterstock)
Ginger Tea         

Yes, you have probably had all the tea your body can probably handle but ginger tea is actually beneficial during this cold weather. Why?

Ginger tea will not only help keep you warm obviously but it is also good for your digestive system and can help kick start thermogenesis. Ginger is also a natural diaphoretic meaning it will help your body sweat.

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