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Try this easy Homemade sausages

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We easily make Samosas at home but with Sausages, we tend to buy and then prepare at home. You no longer have to buy them! We bring you easy steps for homemade sausages.

Serves 8


2kg pork such as shoulder

1 tablespoon black cracked peppercorns

Bunch of freshly curly parsley, chopped

8 fresh plums, stoned and pureed

Bunch of fresh lemon thyme chopped

Half tablespoon fresh oregano chopped

Half tablespoon grated nutmeg

2000g fresh breadcrumbs

150ml red wine


1.Approximately 90cm hog casings, rinsed with cold water and left to soak in clean water.                                     

2. Dice the pork and pass it through a meat grinder. season with salt and pepper. Add the parsley, plums, sage, lemon thyme, oregano and nutmeg.

3.Using your hands, mix well into the mince. Add the breadcrumbs and wine and mix well. Place into an airtight container and refrigerate for one hour. Once your mince is rested, put through the meat grinder one last time.

4. Pass the hog skin over the sausage nozzle on a sausage machine, pinch the loose end of the hog casing together and pass the mince through the machine until the mix has run out.

5.When making the sausages by hand, fill a large piping bag with the mince. Pass the hog skin over the nozzle, holding it in place with your fingers. Tie a knot in the hog skin and leave the first bit of skin empty. Push the mince into the skin, trying to fill the skin as evenly as you can. Release the skin over the nozzle as you go.

6.Pinch and twist your sausages at 10-15cm lengths and refrigerate for one hour before cooking.

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