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How to exercise even when you don’t want to

 With exercise, consistency is key (Shutterstock)

When you start doing your exercise, make sure you are constantly following your routine. You need to know that to attain good results that you shall be pleased with, consistency is greatly key.

There are those days when you may wake up feeling lazy, and too tired to do even a 10-minute exercise routine. Don't panic, there are some simple things you can try doing to help you get better and ready to get going when you wake up feeling so low and uninterested in exercising. Take a look:

Listen to music

This simple but magical tact keeps your mind and body wanting to move even if you're tired. Music provides an awesome boost hence keeping you motivated.

To a great extent, you are more likely to feel good exercising when the music is pumping the rhythm throughout. Better yet, turn on the volume for the songs you like. No wonder aerobics and other exercises incorporate music.

Practice self-affirmation

Telling yourself that you can do it will actually help you believe in yourself the more. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself why you are exercising in the first place.

If it is to keep yourself fit, seeing your image and imagining looking otherwise will definitely motivate you off your lazy days.

When you feel like you can't do some exercises, remind yourself that there are those who want to exercise but unfortunately, they can't do it.

 With great consistency and discipline, you are bound to make this lifestyle change enjoyable and worthy (Shutterstock)
Get an accountability partner

If you're not motivated enough then you will find your daily routine quit a fuss. You can consider having a friend join you so that they can remind you when you are nearly skipping your routine.

This will ensure that you are disciplined enough and will ultimately be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Change your attitude

Sometimes, all you need to kick off the lazy days is simply changing your general outlook towards exercise.

Even if you don't want to, always avoid the mindset of thinking or saying that exercise is boring. You won’t be motivating yourself since no one likes to do anything boring.

Exercise in manageable bits

Many people try to start their workout programs full of activity making them bored on the first day. This affects your exercise because as you wake up the second day, you won't be in an energetic mood to do your routine. Start small, do some simple exercises in 10 minutes as you progress slowly for 20 minutes then eventually maybe move to a 30-minute or more time routine.

These are just a few tips on how to stay focused on your everyday exercise. When you set your mind on doing exercise, push yourself and do it as it is for your own benefit. Avoid being like those around you who think of exercise as a burden. Anyway, that’s why they feel uninterested after only a few days of workout.

Remember, with great consistency and discipline, you are bound to make this lifestyle change enjoyable and worthy.


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